Six Small Things to Change Around the House

Philly has a feel of its own, proud and uniquely drenched in its characterful heritage and vibrant culture. Philadelphia-style interiors are a fusion of the city’s three iconic art forms: architecture, music, and sports.

One cannot help but marvel at how beautifully Philly blends high-rise condos and contemporary townhouses with historic Georgian and Federal-style rowhouses.

Homeowners wanting to infuse their homes with the city’s infectious energy find abundant inspiration in Art Deco accents found on local streets. At its heart, Philadelphia’s distinct interior aesthetic has a comfort-focused appeal, accentuating life’s simple pleasures.

Quintessential Philly-style interiors lack meaningless pretentiousness; instead, they revolve around the city’s eclectic art and vibrant heritage.

Simplicity reigns supreme; come to think of it, the smallest changes have the most significant impact. Infusing your home with comfort and convenience instead of thoughtless frills will make it more luxurious and inviting.

If you’re eager to embrace positive change, your home’s interiors are a great place to start.

Read on to explore small things to change around the house for a big impact.

1.    A Luxuriously Inviting Bedroom

Do you have difficulty falling asleep, spending hours tossing and turning before your mind can drift off and relax? Insomnia is an alarmingly common issue for people who lack a comfortable and well-appointed sleeping environment. If you can relate, it’s time to assess all the factors and elements that make your bedroom uncomfortable.

Most people struggle to sleep because their bedrooms are either too cold or too hot, denying their body relaxation. Others experience debilitating back aches and restlessness because their mattresses deny inadequate spinal support.

People commonly overlook the importance of a premium-quality mattress in inducing a good night’s restful sleep.

Investing in a premium-grade mattress from a reputable manufacturer, like The Mattress Factory, Philadelphia, can truly work wonders. A mattress that supports even weight distribution and proper spinal alignment can transform your sleep quality dramatically.

It will address sleep disturbances by supporting the natural spinal curve and eliminating the tension in your lumbar region.

Everyone has unique preferences when choosing between spring mattresses and memory foam. The goal is to ensure your mattress supports a healthy sleeping posture and relieves pressure points to induce sleep.

However, changing the mattress alone isn’t enough if your bedroom isn’t temperature-controlled and devoid of sleep-disrupting blue lights.

We suggest creating an ambient sleeping environment with elements that ease your mind and body into a peaceful slumber. For instance, adding fluffy down feather pillows will accentuate your comfort, and scented candles can elevate the ambiance.

2.    Hang up Memories & Momentos

The beautiful bond we share with our loved ones reminds us to love, nurture and pamper ourselves. Family and friends make our lives worthwhile, and hanging up memories is a creative way to incorporate this love into your interiors.

Elaborate photo walls will transform the ambiance and personality of your home, infusing it with an infectious homely vibe.

Home doesn’t feel like home without extensive personalization, and photographs aren’t the only way to go about it. You can hang up souvenirs and memorabilia, such as your little one’s drawings, academic certificates, and even movie tickets from your first date.

It all boils down to transforming your home into a treasure trove of your memories, making it an extension of ‘you.’

3.    Shuffle Things Around

Have you ever gone shopping in your home? We fret and fuss over buying new things while neglecting our own items. One can hardly do justice to all one’s fixtures and furnishings if they’ve spent a lifetime resting in the same spot.

Rearranging furniture and shuffling things around is the cheapest, simplest trick to give your home a makeover.

For instance, swapping your bedroom couch with the chaise in the living room can make a huge impact. You can rearrange wall hangings, change the linens and explore new color palettes with every season. Shuffling decorative accessories is another way to give your interiors a fresh look.

4.    Add Fragrant Blooms & Greenery

Flowers, ficus trees, swaying palms, and textured snake plants infuse living spaces with a positive energy that’s hard to ignore. Adding fragrant blooms and greenery is an excellent way to breathe new life into your interiors and design a healthy lifestyle.

Plants purify the air and fight off humidity to create more ambient and colorful spaces. If you don’t enjoy gardening and maintaining plants, consider exploring low-maintenance shrubs, like cacti, peace lilies, and spider plants.

5.    Bold Pop of Colors & Textures

If you’re overwhelmed and tired of the monotony, consider changing things with a fresh coat of paint and vibrant textures. Walls are the focal points anchoring the floor plan, and a bold pop of color can channel a dramatic transformation.

You can experiment with contrasting hues that spice up your home’s palette with a dark and characterful personality.

You can embark on a DIY painting project, work with bright and bold wallpapers or bring in indigenous textures, like Aztec rugs. Placing colorful cushions and pillows on a solid couch can change the room’s personality by adding more depth.

6.    Declutter & Discard Unwanted Items

Are you living in a heavily cluttered gallery of the things you own and the belongings you haven’t used in years? If your home is riddled with unwanted items, how can it accommodate the incredible changes you’re experiencing?

As Mary Kondo advises, discarding things that don’t spark joy is a wonderful way to channel positive change. Decluttering old belongings and tidying up our living spaces helps us tailor our environments to accommodate our present and future selves.

Holding onto undesirable heirlooms, broken appliances, and unwanted furniture is like holding onto the past.

We strongly advise against wasting precious residential square footage by using one’s attic or garage as a storage dump. Instead, you must declutter and repurpose these spaces into rooms supporting your life quality and aspirations.

Final Thoughts

Changing one’s surroundings is a powerful way to feel invigorated and refreshed. Monotony in our living spaces can overwhelm our lives and everyday experiences with a dullness that hinders productivity.

It’s amazing how a bouquet of freshly plucked flowers or a new wall hanging can brighten our interiors and lives.

People focus too much on buying new things while neglecting the belongings collecting dust in their homes. If you want to change things, start by rearranging your own items. Turning your home into a mausoleum of your belongings will not create an environment that accentuates your comfort and luxury.

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