How Many Handmade Shells Are Needed for a Wooden Door in Rust?

In the popular survival game Rust, one of the key aspects of gameplay is raiding other players’ bases, which often involves breaking through doors and other defensive structures. If you’re planning a raid or simply need to know how to defend your own base effectively, understanding the mechanics of how many handmade shells are required to break through a wooden door is crucial. This article provides a detailed answer to that question, along with some additional tips and strategies for both attackers and defenders.

Understanding Handmade Shells

Handmade shells are a type of ammunition in Rust, primarily used with shotguns, such as the Waterpipe Shotgun or the Eoka Pistol. These shells are relatively easy to craft, making them a common choice for early-game raiding.

Crafting Recipe:

  • 2 Gunpowder
  • 1 Stone

Given their ease of production, handmade shells are a popular choice for players looking to break through wooden structures early in the game.

Wooden Doors in Rust

Wooden doors are one of the basic defensive structures in Rust. They provide a moderate level of protection but are not as durable as metal doors. Knowing the exact amount of damage handmade shells inflict on wooden doors can help players strategize their raids or fortify their defenses effectively.

Calculating the Number of Handmade Shells

Wooden Door Health and Damage Mechanics

A standard wooden door in Rust has 200 health points (HP). Handmade shells fired from a shotgun deal a variable amount of damage depending on factors such as range and the shotgun used. On average, a handmade shell fired from a Waterpipe Shotgun deals approximately 18 damage to a wooden door.

Damage Calculation

To determine how many handmade shells are needed to destroy a wooden door, you can use the following calculation:

  • Total Damage Needed: 200 HP (total health of the wooden door)
  • Average Damage per Handmade Shell: 18 HP

Number of Handmade Shells Required=Total Health/Average Damage per Shell

Number of Handmade Shells Required=200/18≈11.11
Number of Handmade Shells Required=18/200≈11.11

Since you can’t use a fraction of a shell, you’ll need to round up to the next whole number. Therefore, you will need 12 handmade shells to destroy a wooden door in Rust.

Additional Considerations

Efficiency and Resource Management

While handmade shells are relatively cheap to produce, using them efficiently is crucial, especially during a raid when time and resources are of the essence. Ensure that you have enough shells crafted and consider carrying extra in case you miss shots or need to deal with unexpected obstacles.

Alternative Methods

Handmade shells are not the only way to break through wooden doors. Players can also use tools like hatchets or other explosives such as satchel charges, depending on the resources available and the level of noise and risk they are willing to manage.

Defensive Strategies

If you’re on the defending side, knowing the approximate number of handmade shells required to break through your wooden doors can help you gauge the strength of your defenses. Consider upgrading to metal doors or adding multiple layers of defense to deter raiders effectively.


How many handmade shells does it take to destroy a wooden door in Rust?

It takes approximately 12 handmade shells to destroy a wooden door in Rust. Each handmade shell deals around 18 damage, and the wooden door has 200 health points.

What factors affect the number of handmade shells needed to break a wooden door?

The primary factors include the average damage per shell, which can vary slightly based on the shotgun used and the range. However, on average, 12 shells are required.

Are there alternative methods to using handmade shells for breaking a wooden door in Rust?

Yes, players can also use tools like hatchets or other explosives such as satchel charges. These methods may be more efficient depending on the resources available and the desired approach to raiding.

Final Thought

In Rust, breaking through a wooden door with handmade shells requires approximately 12 shells. Understanding this and preparing accordingly can significantly impact your raiding success or your base’s defensive strength. Whether you’re an attacker planning a raid or a defender bolstering your base, knowing these mechanics is key to strategic gameplay.


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